Specialty Services Include:

Independent Medical Exams, Impairment Ratings, Comprehensive Consults/Assumption of Care, Return to Work Physicals, Fit for Duty Physicals

Camilla Frederick M.D.


Tertiary Care Experienced since 1992
250+ IME's since 2003

Contact: Natalie Arbogast
D (563)823-6876; O (563)322-2103
F (563)322-2117
Email: narbogast@occhealth.biz

Delos D. Carrier M.D.


Tertiary Care Experienced since 2003
215+ IME's since 2003

Contact: Casey McDonnell
D (563)823-6887; O (563)242-2900
F (563) 242-2903
Email: cmcdonnell@occhealth.biz

Dr. Frederick and Dr. Carrier are an essential resource for all types of disability management professionals. Their impartial and thorough assessments enhance the evaluation process and produce beneficial results for all involved, including the examinee.

  • Independent Medical Exams - A patient has been injured, and seen by multiple physicians, and a 1 time visit is requested for a second opinion regarding the injury.
  • Impairment Ratings - Patient has been seen by multiple physicians, and has been placed at MMI, or PRN. Doctor will give a permanency regarding his/her impairment that occurred because of said injury.
  • Comprehensive Consults/Assumption of Care - A patient that has been injured, and been seen by more than one physician, other than ER and Convenient Care facilities, and we are taking over care of the patient.
  • Return to Work Physicals - The person has been off work for a simple non-work related problem and is returning to work. For example, a musculoskeletal injury that has been off less than one month and hasn't had surgery for the injury, abdominal injuries, hernias or genital/urinary issues.
  • Fit for Duty Physicals - The person has a serious medical issue and employer is truly asking, "Can this person perform the duties of this job anymore?" For example, medical disorders, severe musculoskeletal injuries requiring surgery and out of work for one month or more, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, diabetes, seizure disorders, visual problems, heart disease, dizzy-woozy disorders, stroke, head trauma, and/or neurological diseases.


Certified American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME)

  • Timely, cost effective evaluations and closed including MMI and PPD ratings
  • Impartiality and thoroughness in case evaluation
  • In-depth experience to perform credible assessments of work ability and cases of disability
  • Medical skills and training in physical, behavioral, psychological and occupational assessments
  • Obtain medical information that may have been overlooked
  • Thorough, objective, written analysis regarding diagnosis, clarify issues of causation and apportion responsibility, prognosis, maximal medical improvement, impairment, work capacity, appropriateness of care and case management recommendations
  • Identify relevant physical, behavioral, psychological, psycho-social and occupational issues
  • Skills, testifying as an expert medical witness
  • Commitment to professional excellence and integrity as a member of a select group of Certified ABIME physicians
  • Accurate impairment evaluations according to the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment